A question of... Taste


“... Independent wine merchants may not have the swagger of sommeliers, the mystique of winemakers or the glamour of wine writers, but they are at the vanguard of the exciting and dynamic end of the wine business, with the freedom to pursue their own vision of wine and business and engage people at the grassroots. There is no better way to understand the complexities of wine, and the way people buy it, drink it and enjoy it, than by working as one.

Written for WSET by Jason Millar DipWSET, journalist and Retail Director for Independent Wine Merchant, Theatre of Wine @jasondmillar


 A lot has been said (and written) about what is the best wine.

For me, the best wine is the one you like better.
It can be a warm red in a cold Winter’s night, or a refreshing White on a warm Summer’s day. And don’t forget the company.

The best wine is indeed the one that pleases us most, at that particular time, and on that particular circumstance.

Obviously there are wines that are better than others, depending on the standards that the winemaker and producer want to have.
There are the so called “entry-levels” also known as “table wines” (colheita), the “reserves”, the “grand reserves” (in Portugal also called Garrafeira), and all the other adjectives you can add to a wine’s name (sometimes as a marketing tool), or simply those wines that don’t need any of these and their names are more than enough to be in some (yes, only some) private wine cellars. But these come at a price – and this price can be in the “high hundreds” or even “thousands” of whatever currency you use.

When we decided to create Exquisite – first the Shop and later the online Shop – we struggled a bit to find the right path to follow.
Very expensive wines are for a certain/limited market.
Very inexpensive wines are for another market.

So our choice could be only one.
Go for the wines we love, for those wines that are less known in the UK market, but that offer us the guaranty of a known Producer and a great Winemaker.

What we have been able to do so far is to provide our Customers with a sensorial journey through the wines of Portugal, from North to South, from Vinho Verde to Douro or all the other DOC regions of our Country.

Today we keep looking for new wines, either from new Producers or different regions.
Our work never ceases as we have a lot to read, a lot to “study”,  and sometimes a lot to taste (that’s the best part J). But in the end our choice always falls on the wines we enjoy more.

So, keep coming back to our online shop, or attend our wine tasting events (some wine-pairing dinners are being prepared) as we will have some this year.
We will let you know the dates in advance.

Paulo Silveirinha
for Exquisite