WELCOME to Exquisite Portuguese Wines
At Exquisite we are really excited about this new venture - our Online Shop.
We are a family-run business that was created 4 years ago.
Our wines have been personally selected by us and they cover almost all the wine areas of Portugal.
From the whites, reds and rosés, to the Sparkling, Ports (we couldn't miss) Madeira and Moscatel, to finish with some Aguardente (brandy), we cover the country from North to South selecting some of the work of the most fantastic Winemakers and Oenologists.
Portugal has a long tradition in winemaking (it dates back to the Roman Empire) so it is natural that we now see some winemakers using ancient /traditional methods with stunning results, as we also have the most advanced equipments and techniques and profound knowledge to create the most amazing wines from our almost 250 indigenous grapes. What a feast!
And that is what we bring you, here.
The way to start an unforgettable journey through Portugal and its wines.
Welcome aboard once more, and either you are a "connoisseur" or simply someone who loves to try different wines, we are here to help you in this journey.
Our blog will tell you about new wines, about the grapes and about the Men that make them. 

Hope to hear from you soon.

Paulo Silveirinha