New times are coming


Much has been written about the Coronavirus – or Covid-19. We are not going to do it.

Much is on our minds about the actual times we are living in, and what lies ahead.
Our world is changing, and this situation of almost lockdown of many countries, having to work from home, etc, is keeping our head spinning not knowing what the future will bring.

On the other hand, much has improved.

See for instance the pollution, that has gone to low levels never reached before.
Think of what this can mean to a planet that has been under enormous stress over the last years.
It’s, no doubt, a great sign that the air that we breathe is and will be much better in the months to come, and when we can go back to going out.
Maybe we will then enjoy nature in a different way, and many of our old habits can and will change – hopefully for the better.

One thing is for sure.
We must stay at home and enjoy a new life with our families.
Time to read that book, make that change in the decoration, take a look at our garden, and finally at the end of the day, enjoy that glass of wine from that bottle we had in the storage for quite sometime.

And truly enjoy the wine as it is. No big stuff about the winery or the winemaker, no comments from the experts. Just enjoy…

Now is the time to order that wine we have been waiting for so long and never found the time to do…
Now is the time to realize what we have been missing…
A fantastic glass of wine…

And for sure you will wake the next morning still thinking of how great that wine was.

And we can’t wait for the end of the day to come, and go back to the sofa with a glass in our hand.

In a “world” without hugs, kisses, social interacting, etc, what is there left to enjoy?

A good wine, for sure, and for sure a Portuguese Wine.

Drink with moderation.
Enjoy your new wine.